Junior’s- Most Fabulous Cheesecake and Desserts

Junior's Cheescake

Are you thinking of investing in a restaurant, but skeptical about it? There are various types of restaurants that can be opened, but you need to have special features or a specialty that will make your restaurant successful. You can stick to the basic idea and then add your own restaurant ideas to the mix. The items in your menu will define the décor and type of cuisine your restaurant offers.

The widely famous Junior’s restaurant is well heard of by most of the people. Junior’s is located at 386, Flatbush Avenue Extension at the corner of DeKalb Avenue in Downtown Brooklyn, New York City. The restaurant also has franchises at Grand Central Terminal in Midtown Manhattan, the Times Square area and also in the lobby of MGM Grand Hotel in the Foxwoods Resort in Ledyard, Connecticut. Harry Rosen, in 1950, was responsible for opening this successful restaurant. As per sources from the restaurant, it was named after Rosen’s two sons, Walter and Marvin.

A post in Go Brooklyn opines about this restaurant, “At the corner of Flatbush and DeKalb avenues in Downtown Brooklyn, there have been a diner run by the Rosen family since 1929. In 1950, the name was changed to Junior’s, and it has been serving its famous cheesecake and other goodies ever since.”

Based on a recipe running down from three generations of the Rosen family, Rosen worked together master baker Eigel Peterson in creating the popularly known “The World’s Most Fabulous Cheesecake” in recent times. Apart from cheesecakes, Junior’s menu also comprises of deli sandwiches (particularly corned beef and pastrami), ten ounce steak-burgers, cheese blintzes and unique onion rings. Junior’s fan base has people from all round the world. The popularity is so high that a Kuwaiti prince is said to once have taken home several cheesecakes with him.

Unfortunately, the restaurant was in flames in 1981 as a fire broke out. The crowd gathered started chanting “Save the Cheesecake!” on seeing the firefighters douse the flames. But the restaurant did not take this as a fall and instead took this as an opportunity and modernized the interiors.

Apparently, the owner Rosen has plans of striking a deal with a real estate developer which would enable Junior’s to retain the ground floor as a tenant, giving a modern outlook to the building as well as develop the existing space into a huge commercial entity.President Obama at Junior's

Presently, Junior’s restaurant, located at the corner of DeKalb Avenue and Flatbush Avenue Extension, consists of 17,000 square feet of red-and-white-striped menus, flashbulb-adorned signs, rust-colored booths and a wooden bar. A popular place among the elderly population of Brooklyn, it has evolved into a must-visit place for politicians ranging from Mr. Markowitz to President Obama, who purchased two cheesecakes and a few of black-and-white cookies, when he paid a visit during October with Bill de Blasio, who became the elected mayor in a short time thereon. Junior’s have plans of closing its current location in 2014 to initiate the new development proposed. The developer is planning to create a space of 102,000 square feet, which is several times larger than the present space, said the broker, Robert Knakal of Massey Knakal Realty Services.

“Land values in that part of Brooklyn have skyrocketed and they are sitting on a tremendous” — as in, tremendously valuable — “piece of property,” said Knakal development, predicting it would sell the property at jaw-dropping prices. While the construction for a new building is under process, Mr. Rosen has plans of opening a makeshift beachhead and convert it into another Brooklyn location like, possibly near the Barclays Center. (Three other locations already exist — in Times Square, at Grand Central Terminal and at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut.) Once the construction is complete, Junior’s is intending to resume its tenure at DeKalb/Flatbush.

The menu cards should strongly reflect the ambience and atmosphere of a restaurant. While working on the menu, the minute details should be worked out perfectly such that the customer gets an idea of what the restaurant is all about. When the owner intends on setting up a family restaurant, the menus should be designed such that customers understand clearly by looking at the items that it is a family restaurant. Also, if it is a business restaurant, the menu entries and illustrations should be more formal and precise indicating that the restaurant intends to cater formal needs.

Junior’s has always been known for the great food, fun, service and most importantly, the best cheesecake. Each 8″ large Junior’s cheesecake is delivered in a special way by serving it in a stay-fresh container guaranteeing freshness. The menu design is so clear and organized that there is no hassle in finding the required item. A quick look at their menu card reads out the headings such as Breakfast, Lunch Specials, Appetizers, Soups, Salads, Sandwiches, Charbroiled, Steak, burgers, Chef’s Specials, Barbecue, Seafood, Steaks, Side Orders, Desserts, Kids’ Menu, Beverages, Cocktails & Bar.

Even to this day, people come from all over the globe to grab a slice of their favorite cheesecake. The legacy and saying about Junior’s is always held up: “You have not lived until you have had a cheesecake at Junior’s” since the past 5 decades! So don’t be sorry for missing out on it, go grab a cheesecake!